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Curtis Wright, Talk Show Host, Curtis Wright on the Beat
Jude Eden, Conservative Activist and wife of a legal immigrant
James Johnson, Co-founder & President of North Carolinians for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

TOPIC 1 The Impact of Illegal Immigration on JOBS, PUBLIC BENEFITS & PUBLIC EDUCATION
Ron Woodard, NCListen, An Immigration Reform Organization
Tobin Geatz, Chairman, Inclinix

TOPIC 2 The Impact of Illegal Immigration on CRIME, THE JUDICIARY & PUBLIC SAFETY
NC Senator Thom Goolsby, Co-Chair: NC Senate Appropriations on Justice & Public Safety
Maureen Wilson, North Carolinians For Immigration Reform & Enforcement
Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County

Chris Millis, NC House-elect
Ron Woodard, NCListen, An Immigration Reform Organization
James Johnson, Co-founder & President of North Carolinians for Immigration Reform & Enforcement

Rep. Frank Iler, Co-Chair NC House Select Committee on Immigration
William Gheen, President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Ilario Pantano, Author & Radio Commentator

iiiMPACT Town Hall Hour 1
NC Senator Thom Goolsby,
William Gheen, President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County
Curtis Wright, Talk Show Host, Curtis Wright on the Beat

iiiMPACT Town Hall hour 2
NC Senator Thom Goolsby,
William Gheen, President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County
Curtis Wright, Talk Show Host, Curtis Wright on the Beat

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The below is adapted from Jude Eden’s welcome introduction to the iiiMPACT Conference

August 11, 2012

“I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic; and I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same.”

Yesterday my beloved husband said this when he took the Oath of Allegiance and became a citizen.  After many years, thousands of dollars spent and miles travelled, reams of paperwork, and countless hours of waiting, he finally reached that moment he’s been dreaming of since he was a child in his native Brazil.

Conversely, on June 15th Barak Obama unconstitutionally decreed that 800 thousand illegal youth will be granted legal working status.  He said these are just hard-working, patriotic people.  HOW DOES HE KNOW?  How does he know that they or the estimated 12-20 million illegals are here in good faith, for the right reasons?  How does he know whether each one of those millions is criminal or lawful?

Of course, HE DOESN’T.  They haven’t been interviewed and vetted.  Neither their stories, nor their countries of origin, nor their reasons for being here have been recorded.  One thing we do know.  Their first act in our country was to break our laws.  By coming here illegally they set themselves their children up for insecurity and failure, unlike the millions of legal immigrants who respected our laws so that they could be protected by our laws.

Meanwhile, our border agents are being instructed not to do their jobs as border agents.  In fact they are now instructed to run away.  We know about catch-and-release under which law enforcement officers who arrest illegal criminals even for violent crimes are being told to release them for such reasons as “He says he’s getting a GED.”

The more our laws are ignored, the longer our laws go unenforced, the more lawless we become.  A lawless country cannot and does not protect and guarantee the rights of the people.  It moves according to the will and whim of the powerful.

It’s interesting to note that immigrants who came from despotic or communist countries tell me they recognize that that’s where this country is heading.  Action by action, whether it’s ignoring illegal immigration, NDAA, Obamacare, Fast & Furious, Solyndra and the rest, we are becoming like the poor & corrupt countries from which they fled.  Through our lack of border control and immigration law enforcement we are losing the importance and meaning of American citizenship.

Immigrants past and present did not come here to find a country like their own.  They came to find one better, safer, and with more opportunity than you can shake a stick at.  They came to escape poverty, tyranny and corruption, where their rights would be guaranteed and protected.

Every country across the globe exercises strict protection of its borders.  In some countries you’re simply shot for trespassing the border.  Travelers and citizens alike are required to carry identifying documentation, and interestingly your religion is part of that documentation.  It is a difficult and long process to become a citizen of any country.  And yet here in America we’re being told that we are somehow against immigrants simply because we want to enforce the laws under which everyone, immigrants included, want and need to be protected.

But we know this tactic.  It’s subterfuge designed to shut us up quickly, just like all the baseless charges of racism so prevalent in our politics today.

They hope to shout us down and shut us up, and a lot of people including politicians on both sides of the isle are succumbing.  Both parties benefit from illegal immigration, whether the prize is a new voting bloc, cheap labor, or both.  So on one side are the timid who are paralyzed with fear of being called a name, and on the other side those driven by money and political expediency.

That’s why We the People put this together.

You may have seen Civitas’s video detailing voter fraud in North Carolina after the in which people were rejected because they weren’t citizens, and yet many of those same illegals were registered to vote.

That’s why we created iiimpact on this subject.  It started out with two of us taking about the fact that if our VOTES ARE NULLIFIED, our SOVEREIGNTY is gone.  Elections won’t matter and we have already lost.

Iiimpact is a bipartisan event.  Why?  Because an illegal drunk driver who kills a citizen does not distinguish whether his victim was a Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative.  The billions of taxpayer spent supporting illegal immigrants in our hospitals, schools, welfare and social security come from both Democrats and Republicans.  Political affiliation is irrelevant to the victim who is assaulted by the violent criminal who was caught and released because of our spineless and corrupt so-called department of homeland “SECURITY.”  This is a bipartisan issue.

Iiimpact is a testament to what is POSSIBLE here in our beloved democratic republic.  It’s a testament to the Potential of everyday citizens to lawfully affect change for the better in our country.  This isn’t possible in so many countries.  IT’S UP TO US.


iiiMPACT was a success and we thank those who helped make it possible and those who came.  What you didn’t see of this interview was the young man saying that although he assumed that there would be overtones of racism at this event, he didn’t find any.  It’s a testament to our open discussion format and the educational nature of this event that even those who believed in amnesty and open borders felt free to come, ask questions, give their perspective, and come away with more facts on the subject than when they came in.  We might have had more ‘dissenters’ like the young man and the friend who came with him, but despite multiple detailed press releases to every media outlet in the state weeks prior to iiiMPACT, only News 14 and WHQR had the journalistic curiosity to cover it.

It was made very clear throughout the event that when we discussed the number and type of crimes committed by illegal aliens we were not talking about legal immigrants or immigrants in general.  Reflected in the young man’s reaction was the fact that he along with the rest of the audience were given a wealth of factual information on what illegal immigration is costing our citizens – in lives and security lost, billions of taxpayer dollars, closing schools and bankrupting hospitals and more.  Although many want to say that ALL illegal immigrants are just good people who want to cut our lawns, they expect us not to talk about the ones who are committing violent and other crimes.

When people find out about the number of repeat offenders (25%)– for example in the case of pastor, teacher and little-league coach Scott Gardner who was killed by a drunk illegal alien driver who had 3 DWI’s but was repeatedly released and still on the road – they are naturally concerned.  When they find out about the drug cartels and gang warfare perpetrated by illegal aliens, they naturally want to find out what they can do to keep their families and neighborhoods safe.

Primarily that ‘what you can do’ is to pressure our elected officials to just enforce our existing immigration laws and to protect our borders as does every other country.  While border agents are being told to run away instead of do their jobs, when DHS is telling law enforcement to release known violent criminals because of their refusal to enforce our laws, there is justified and growing concern that we are becoming lawless, and that illegal aliens and criminals are being protected over citizens.  The millions of legal immigrants who have gone through our lawful process respected our laws so that they could be protected by our laws.  The more lawless we become, the more we become like the corrupt and poverty-stricken countries they left behind.

One more note on the immigration process that my husband just completed – it wasn’t easy, but we were proud to go through it, and more importantly, it was the only choice for us.  Since the beginning we have known that there is no real life, no life of security and integrity for an immigrant who doesn’t go through this process.  Millions of legal immigrants have set themselves and their children up for that security and success that comes with becoming a legal citizen.  The old adage is true: Nothing worth having is free.  Tedious and sometimes difficult as the process may be, it makes that moment when you take the Oath of citizenship even sweeter.


Jude Eden

iiiMPACT Conference, 9a-3p August 10-11 2012!

On August 10 & 11, 2012 we will be holding iiiMPACT Immigration Conference, a FREE event in Wilmington, North Carolina.  iiiMPACT will bring together non-partisan, non-profit and other organizations, activists and leaders from across North Carolina to study, discuss and debate the issues related to immigration policy and law enforcement in North Carolina as well as the impact of illegal immigration.


Friday, August 10th                                            New Hanover County Northeast Regional Library auditorium                                         6:30pm Meet & Greet                                        7pm “They Come to America” followed by a Q&A with Dennis Michael Lynch                            We’ll dive into this educational event with a viewing of Dennis Michael Lynch’s ground-breaking documentary, “They Come to America.”  A comprehensive and in-depth look at the reality and the costs of illegal immigration in America, this movie will help to educate the public on this issue on the national level.  Step beyond the media pundits’ racially charged sound-bites into what’s really going on in our cities and along America’s border.

Northeast Regional Library Map.  Free parking in front of building.

SATURDAY August 11 iiiMPACT Conference                                                               Cape Fear Community College Schwartz Center                                                       9am: registration begins                                                                                                10am: Workshops                                                                                                          12pm: Lunch with keynote speakers                                                                            1pm: Town Hall Discussion                                                                                         Saturday we’ll get local with speakers, candidates, state and local officials and citizens starting with small workshops on specific aspects affecting North Carolina and continuing on to a Town Hall style panel discussion in the afternoon.  Lunch will be provided with several keynote speakers from North Carolina.  Attendees will come away with a wealth of knowledge about the issues themselves, what their elected officials are doing, and what can be done to protect our citizens while maintaining legal immigration laws. 

Cape Fear Community College MAP – Click on “R” for the Schwartz Center.



  • William Gheen, ALIPAC
  • Ron Woodard, NCListen
  • Maureen Wilson, NCFIRE
  • James Johnson, NCFIRE
  • Sheriff Sam Page, Rockingham County
  • Rep. Mike McIntyre
  • Rep. Frank Iler, Co-Chair NC House Select Committee on Immigration
  • Senator Thom Goolsby
  • Chris Millis, NC House-elect
  • Curtis Wright, Cumulus Broadcasting, Inc.
  • Ilario Pantano, Author & Radio Commentator
  • Dennis Lynch, Film-maker
  • Pastor Tony McGhee, Radio talk show host; The Frederick Douglass Foundation
  • Hayley Hall
  • Jude Eden, Conservative activist and wife of a legal immigrant
  • Tobin Geatz


The impact of illegal immigration on:


Listen to our interview:  Jude Eden talks to Curtis Wright on the Beat about iiiMPACT – Click on Segments, July 12th on the date slider.

Check back with us and stay tuned to Curtis Wright on the Beat, 980 WAAV AM and 680 WFNC AM, as well as facebook for interviews and information! 


Sam is a legal immigrant from Egypt whom you’ll meet at iiiMPACT.  He shared this July 4th letter with us:

“To my beloved America Happy birthday,
I am an immigrant to this great country, one of the blessed few who call America home. I love what America stands for. I love the ideals, the principles. I love the freedom and the personal choice. I love the Declaration of independence, and the constitution. I love the flag and the national anthem. I love the freedom to choose destiny. I love the freedom to take risks, to succeed to fail and to try again. I love the laws and the Judeo-Christian foundation. I love the kindness of the people and the generosity of the government I love the English language. I love the traditions and the festivities. I love the churches and synagogues side by side worshiping in harmony. I love the freedom to worship. I love the freedom to be responsible. I love America’s goodness, greatness and exceptionalism. I love America because it is a shining city on a hill. I love America because it gave and gave and did not take. I love America because it changed the world for the better. I love America because it does not take a revolution or bloodshed to change power.
So to my beloved America, I will ever be grateful for allowing me to come. I will always be grateful for the freedom you gave me. I will defend your principles and values. I will speak your language. I will delve in your traditions and your festivities. I will proclaim your goodness. I will do my part to keep you shinning I will contribute to your success and invest in our future. I will live by your ideals. I will protect you from your enemies and those who want to destroy your foundation and freedom.
So stand up straight and be proud America, continue to be the shining city on a hill. Continue to be a beacon of freedom. Happy birthday America.”